Monday, August 12, 2013

Dancing Queen...well maybe Princess

Since Aaron got a smartphone, I haven't really been taking many pictures and therefore, not doing too much blogging.  His phone's camera is better than our ghetto camera, always in his pocket, and can upload immediately to Facebook.  But as I was uploading pics for my other blog, I realized I never posted these from Adelyn's Dance Recital since it was just a few days before Annika was born.

Above is from picture day...she was so excited to finally get to wear this costume because it had been off-limits in my closet.  Below is the dress rehearsal.  She took the class with her friend Josalyn.  She is sad Josalyn is a year older, so won't be in her class next year.

These younger classes were so cute to watch!!!

Barett thought so too.  Don't's just the dress rehearsal!

Lots of fam came down for her big day...thanks Liz and Jake for making the long drive with the missing bridge.

Since it WAS just a few days before Annika was born, I was forced to delete the one of me.  Sorry Dad and Jadyn!  We were still glad to have you guys there!

 We were so proud of Adelyn who didn't get nervous or stage fright one bit, despite the Washington Center being full of people.  She was wishing her time on stage was longer and her time backstage was shorter.  Guess she got Aaron's love for performing.  She can't wait to get back to dancing in the fall.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Three Times a Daddy

A big happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there...especially my own, my grandpas, my grandpas in law, and of course my husband.  Just in time for Father's Day he became a father to the third degree (which most of you have probably heard by now, but I still thought a post was in order).  She wasn't supposed to come until the 20th but chose June 6th to join us.  This was ONE day after my dad's birthday so I think he was a little disappointed, but she showed up on Aaron's mom's birthday instead so at least one grandparent was happy!

Let's just say that we were ALL happy about the two less weeks of pregnancy, and all of you who saw my feet or ankles during the last two weeks of pregnancy I did have were excited too.  Well, let's be honest, nobody could actually SEE my ankles...I'm sure you get the picture.  Even though we were excited, we were definitely not expecting it.  You might already be wondering why this baby post starts out with beach pictures, well this is where we spent most of our day that day.

It was gorgeous weather, so Aaron worked the morning and then we headed out to Westport around noon as Adelyn has been dying to go to the "real" ocean and not just the "beach" on the Puget Sound near our house.  And wow, we have been spending so much time at the Sound lately that I forgot how much nicer a sandy beach really is!!!  Ours are covered in rocks and pebbles, shells and mussels that you definitely don't want to walk barefoot.  Barett was a big fan of the sand too (though scared of the actual water) that he just sat there with me and played in the sand forever while Adelyn and Aaron played in the waves and searched for sand dollars (I think we came home with about 10)!

I was a little bit worried about going out there because I had been having contractions and some low back pain since early that morning.  But I am not one to waste a good day for nothing and I figured I would be disappointed if we cancelled the plans and sat around all day because they ended up being nothing besides more of those silly Braxton Hicks contractions.  Sure, they say they help prepare your body for labor, but they do a lot more getting your hopes up than necessary!!

But this time it turned out to be more than just Braxton Hicks.  We got home from the beach (which if you aren't familiar with WA geography is about an hour 45 from where we are and has just a mediocre hospital) and about 20 minutes later, my water broke!!  I was a little confused at first because I have never had that happen--I was induced with both kids.  But when it soaked through my pants (TMI?) I figured there was only one thing it could mean.

My parents came over as quickly as they could to stay with the kids and we headed to the hospital.  We were very excited to finally experience actually going in to labor...especially because of how much less time it meant we had to spend sitting around in that hospital!  We checked in around 7 and she was born at 9:23!  With Adelyn from check-in to birth was 18 hours and for Barett it was 14.  Definitely a drag...I am probably not the only one who would say contractions are better at the beach than at the hospital!!

We named her Annika Maryn.  You know we are a little creative when we pick names, so here is the breakdown on how Aaron came up with it: Ann because all our moms have that in their names, ika for the ending of mine.  Maryn (with the emphasis on the ryn) for two of his sister's middle names: Marie and Brynn...oh yeah and because Marie is my middle name an afterthought. :)  But in his defense, he was thinking of that before he knew he would marry someone with the same middle name.

She weighed in at a mere 6 lbs 13 oz...TWO pounds less than my other two.  Yes, another reason to be grateful for an early arrival.  And believe me I was very grateful during the delivery.  I think I only had about 45 minutes of hard labor and 10 minutes of pushing (though don't quote me because I wasn't exactly watching the clock).  It happened so fast that once again my own doctor didn't make it in time and I had to have a hospital resident deliver her.  Which I guess is better than the nurse, which is what they were worried about when I told them I didn't think I could stop myself from pushing.  

Though I can't help but wonder if my own doctor had been there would I have retained tissue in my uterus, giving me an infection (endometritis), sending me back to the hospital a week later, requiring another hospital visit for a D&C two days after that?!?!  Sadly I have to conclude though that I can only blame my own body for not pushing everything out, though it is always nice to have a scapegoat.  So much for thinking I was having the best recovery ever!  Before Wednesday I was feeling so good I started feeling guilty for all those great Relief Society meals.  

But I guess all Adelyn's prayers (that the baby would be beautiful and healthy) were answered.  Annika is beautiful, perfect, a great eater, a great sleeper, and we all love her so much, especially Barett.  Whenever she cries, he stops what he is doing and goes to try to find her binky and give her a hug.  Whenever she wakes up from sleeping he grunts and squeals and tries to take her out of my arms so he can hold her.  This level of enthusiasm in a two-year-old boy still learning how to be gentle keeps me on my toes!

It has been a crazy ten days, but we feel so lucky to have her despite all the chaos.  I don't know how I would survive this parenting adventure without Aaron: for my own health and sanity his joblessness during this time has been really helpful!!  Just pray with us that joblessness goes away before all these hospital bills hit the mailbox.  I am also really grateful for all my parents have done in those 10 days too; I think three nights of sleepovers, and for my dad a bonus babysitting visit until 2 in the morning the ER night and 20 minutes notice for my trip to the doctor the next day.  

Happy Father's Day Dad and Aaron!!!  You two are the best!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Bright Side

Many of you know that things have been a little crazy in the Anderson household with Aaron getting laid off, me getting in a car accident, and my cousin unexpectedly passing away all within a few weeks time.  I have occasion to be a little dramatic about it, but there have been some good things going on for example does it get any sweeter than this?!

You may have already seen that because my sister Liz posted it on Facebook, but I had to have it here because it is so precious.  She gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Emree Josephine, who my kids obviously adored.  Neither of them wanted to share, Adelyn stated, "OOOH I could hold this all day!"  Hopefully they will be equally as excited when their sister comes in a month.

Michelle was nice enough to make the trek up to Bellingham with me since Aaron was sick.  It was a great way to get some time in with her before she left on her mission, let the boys have some bonding time, and give Liz a little break.  

Another good thing we have had going for us is all the unseasonably good weather we have had and Adelyn's new interests spending it hiking or at the beach.  She was actually upset at me when I tried to carry our pack with snacks and water.

Online, the trails at Rainbow Falls State Park looked a lot cooler than they did at the actual place, but Barett wasn't feeling the hiking that day anyway so the kids had fun just throwing rocks into the stream and climbing on logs.  This little string of pictures crack me up--I couldn't decide which was the funniest/randomest, so you can decide for yourselves.

Why is he lifting up the shirt?  No idea.

Adelyn couldn't figure it out either, but Barett obviously thought it was a great joke.

But what I laughed the most at was Barett continually lifting his leg to try to climb on top of this higher log, so I made him try again so I could get a video of it.  His determination and confidence is awesome, best showcased in the grunt at the end.

We headed out for some more hiking to Priestpoint State Park, which turned out to be a lot prettier and a lot closer, so it was a win win.  I hadn't done the Ellis Cove trail since the old bridge washed out so I headed down there with the kids one Saturday morning.

It was a lot longer than I remembered it, so I ended up regretting going down there without Aaron.  The kids actually did a really good job on the way down, but once Barett fell in the mud in the tideflats, it was over for him.  I had to carry him the whole way back up.  Those of you who haven't held Barett in awhile and/or haven't tried to carry 35 lbs for 25 minutes uphill while pregnant with varicose veins and swollen feet can't fully appreciate that statement.

But my, that doesn't sound like the brightside.  It was a gorgeous day, a gorgeous path, and Adelyn was in seventh heaven gathering all the purple shells they have in that little cove.  And she managed to make it back to the car on her own without too little complaining.  Though I did have to bribe her with a treat: snow cone and face painting at the Farmer's Market at least saved my sanity while my body was getting a work out!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Idaho Easter

I promised this a long time ago, and yet here I am FINALLY doing it.  Since we are going to be a little busy with baby this summer and Aaron's sister had a baby of her own in March, we decided to veer from the normal summer trip to Aaron's parents and took a drive out there for Spring Break.

On the drive down, Aaron and Hillary were talking about how much they missed riding horses and amazingly enough, they got the opportunity to ride this time!  One of our awesome new sisters in law, Sarah, volunteered to take the kids out riding while we were there and I assured her not only would they love that, but Aaron and Hillary would love it too!

You can't really tell from any of the pictures we took, but I think Barett loved it more than anyone.  He cried and cried when we finally took him off.  Luckily Sarah's friends who owned the horses had a swingset and a dog, two fabulous distractions for Barett.

The girls wanted to ride together, but quickly discovered they didn't feel quite as secure that way.  Though the two show horses were very well-trained, the girls weren't prepared for the horse to shudder and Mikaiah never did want to get back on!

Of course we were loving all the sunshine we got to soak up while we were down there too!  But wouldn't you know Washington had a miraculously 70 degree day while we were gone. :(

The traditional Easter Egg Dying.

And hunting.  Not sure what's going on in this picture, but I am scared.

Barett getting ready for the hunt at the church to begin...just a little impatiently.  He grabbed an egg before they started and Aaron tried to distract him from getting more by showing him the candy inside.

And you can see from this picture, that definitely distracted much that he didn't want to grab any more eggs, just eat the candy.  They had a huge pancake breakfast in the church after with even more candy on the tables as part of the decor.  It's a wonder my kids ate anything BUT candy that day!

The next day they had the baby blessing at the house, which was really nice.  Here are Ainsley and Bentley, the reason for the trip and 

definitely the star of the show.

Adelyn and Mikaiah sporting their Easter Dresses, while I think Mikaiah's mind is yet again on candy.  The Easter Baskets are off to my right.

Jay and Susan went all out and did yet another easter egg hunt in their own backyard.  Adelyn was in Seventh Heaven, since her attention span was definitely the longest of the grandkids, she scored.  Her only disappointment was that the Easter bunny was nowhere to be found.  Maybe you will dress up next year Jay???

Uncle Seth got some bubble wands for the kids, which entertained Barett for hours.

What a little man...cuddling a little bunny.

Sadly our time quickly came to an end and we had to head back home, saying goodbye to Aaron's grandpa.    This was definitely the happiest the kids were that day...the road home was a little too long and they lost it with three hours still left to go.  Now I know why my parents used to wake us up in the middle of the night to head to grandpa's!

We had a great time and can't wait to see you all again for our own baby blessing in August.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woodland Park Zoo

We got a great deal on a zoo pass last year thanks to Krista, so before it expired we figured we ought to use it one last time.  Aaron hadn't gone with us up there before and I thought he would get a kick out of Barett's reactions to the animals.  

Apparently I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I had, but I just had to share these lion cubs.  I had never seen any lion cubs in person, especially not this close.  They were playing right up next to the glass.  The kids of course were fascinated, but so were Aaron and I.  Look how big their paws are!!  We had trouble tearing ourselves away, but the crowd was so huge in this exhibit we figured we ought to give the others a chance to see too.

Lions are definitely one of Barett's favorite animals, but his number one favorite would have to be birds.  In fact, his first word besides Mom, Dad, more, hi, and bye, was duck.  He actually just said it for the first time the week that we went to the zoo.  

Typically he prefers grunting to speaking, but he was so excited about all the different kinds of birds we saw at the zoo, that he shouted "duck" every time he saw one: emus, eagles, crows, anything.

His other new favorite thing to do is watching TV/movies.  Is it bad to like when they get into that??  I know supposedly they are not supposed to have "screen time" before two, but seriously, he loves it so much.  This particular time he went into the family room at my parents' house, grabbed their binder of kids DVDs, turned it to Rio, grunted and pointed at it until my dad turned it on for him.  And obviously we couldn't tear him away.

I have uploaded lots more pictures from Easter and our trip to Idaho, so get ready for another fun post soon!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Months

This might be a record for the longest I have gone without posting since starting the blog.  Except for of course on my other blog that we won't mention because I'm pretty sure I will not be blogging on it until well after this baby is born.  I don't think a healthy living blog is the best place to talk about my m&m cravings or the intense walking workouts I have been doing lately.

Yes, I am not good at being pregnant.  This one had some rougher spots than the previous two, but really I have been feeling pretty normal the past little while, plenty normal to sit at a computer an blog, so here I am with no more excuses...if you still even care what we are up to.

We have had a lot of sickness this winter, so a lot of playing indoors means a lot of racing the cars around the kitchen loop and a lot of dress up.

The girls got Aaron in on the dress up one day, but somehow he managed to take off his outfit before I could get the camera ready.  We were all disappointed, but not so much that they couldn't strike some good poses!

Adelyn decided to trade in her gymnastics class for a dancing one and so far she is loving it.  I don't know if she is more excited or I am at the fact that I don't have to continually chase Barett to keep him from plumetting down from the 15 ft high parent viewing platform to the cement floor below.  Yikes.

Adelyn donned some more dancing clothes for the annual City Parks Daddy Daughter Princess Dance.  Hard to believe it has been a year since the last one.  Shockingly enough she chose pink again. 

Aaron said she was much more into the princesses this year than the dancing, and she has already been asking me questions about where they live and when she could see them again.  Not sure if I should have told her about a little place called Disneyland...when I told her it cost a lot of money to go there she assured me she had money from her grandparents.  I said those $4 weren't going to be enough and since then she has been picking up money wherever she sees it and saves it to go see the princesses. 

She was so tired of the dancing after awhile they decided to just hit up the neighboring park for awhile.  I really like this picture of them...and it helps me forget how grouchy Barett was while they were gone.  He has become quite the little Daddy's boy!!

Our other fun Febrary news was going to Reno for Aaron's coworker's wedding.  This was my first time to Reno, and though it was nice to have a little couple time, I can't say this is a place I would like to ever go back to.  Maybe if I gambled...maybe if I drank...don't know what it would take.

The wedding itself though was WONDERFUL...seriously one of the best I have been to.  It was up in the mountains away from town, overlooking the valley, it was really beautiful.  These people are two of the most genuine, kind, fun, thoughtful people I have met and even though it was a quick trip, we were glad that we got to be a part of it.

Now we'll see if I can spare any more of this blogging energy to backpost...don't hold your breath!