Monday, August 12, 2013

Dancing Queen...well maybe Princess

Since Aaron got a smartphone, I haven't really been taking many pictures and therefore, not doing too much blogging.  His phone's camera is better than our ghetto camera, always in his pocket, and can upload immediately to Facebook.  But as I was uploading pics for my other blog, I realized I never posted these from Adelyn's Dance Recital since it was just a few days before Annika was born.

Above is from picture day...she was so excited to finally get to wear this costume because it had been off-limits in my closet.  Below is the dress rehearsal.  She took the class with her friend Josalyn.  She is sad Josalyn is a year older, so won't be in her class next year.

These younger classes were so cute to watch!!!

Barett thought so too.  Don't's just the dress rehearsal!

Lots of fam came down for her big day...thanks Liz and Jake for making the long drive with the missing bridge.

Since it WAS just a few days before Annika was born, I was forced to delete the one of me.  Sorry Dad and Jadyn!  We were still glad to have you guys there!

 We were so proud of Adelyn who didn't get nervous or stage fright one bit, despite the Washington Center being full of people.  She was wishing her time on stage was longer and her time backstage was shorter.  Guess she got Aaron's love for performing.  She can't wait to get back to dancing in the fall.

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Coleman Family said...

She's adorable! I need to meet your tiny one! Maybe I'll just drop on by :)