Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Idaho Easter

I promised this a long time ago, and yet here I am FINALLY doing it.  Since we are going to be a little busy with baby this summer and Aaron's sister had a baby of her own in March, we decided to veer from the normal summer trip to Aaron's parents and took a drive out there for Spring Break.

On the drive down, Aaron and Hillary were talking about how much they missed riding horses and amazingly enough, they got the opportunity to ride this time!  One of our awesome new sisters in law, Sarah, volunteered to take the kids out riding while we were there and I assured her not only would they love that, but Aaron and Hillary would love it too!

You can't really tell from any of the pictures we took, but I think Barett loved it more than anyone.  He cried and cried when we finally took him off.  Luckily Sarah's friends who owned the horses had a swingset and a dog, two fabulous distractions for Barett.

The girls wanted to ride together, but quickly discovered they didn't feel quite as secure that way.  Though the two show horses were very well-trained, the girls weren't prepared for the horse to shudder and Mikaiah never did want to get back on!

Of course we were loving all the sunshine we got to soak up while we were down there too!  But wouldn't you know Washington had a miraculously 70 degree day while we were gone. :(

The traditional Easter Egg Dying.

And hunting.  Not sure what's going on in this picture, but I am scared.

Barett getting ready for the hunt at the church to begin...just a little impatiently.  He grabbed an egg before they started and Aaron tried to distract him from getting more by showing him the candy inside.

And you can see from this picture, that definitely distracted much that he didn't want to grab any more eggs, just eat the candy.  They had a huge pancake breakfast in the church after with even more candy on the tables as part of the decor.  It's a wonder my kids ate anything BUT candy that day!

The next day they had the baby blessing at the house, which was really nice.  Here are Ainsley and Bentley, the reason for the trip and 

definitely the star of the show.

Adelyn and Mikaiah sporting their Easter Dresses, while I think Mikaiah's mind is yet again on candy.  The Easter Baskets are off to my right.

Jay and Susan went all out and did yet another easter egg hunt in their own backyard.  Adelyn was in Seventh Heaven, since her attention span was definitely the longest of the grandkids, she scored.  Her only disappointment was that the Easter bunny was nowhere to be found.  Maybe you will dress up next year Jay???

Uncle Seth got some bubble wands for the kids, which entertained Barett for hours.

What a little man...cuddling a little bunny.

Sadly our time quickly came to an end and we had to head back home, saying goodbye to Aaron's grandpa.    This was definitely the happiest the kids were that day...the road home was a little too long and they lost it with three hours still left to go.  Now I know why my parents used to wake us up in the middle of the night to head to grandpa's!

We had a great time and can't wait to see you all again for our own baby blessing in August.

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